Juan Pablo Alperin

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Research is never carried out in isolation. Scholars build on each other’s findings, work together on problems, work on problems in parallel, and often verify each other’s results. The success of the academic enterprise is dependent on all its participants communicating their ideas, techniques, and findings with each other and with the public. Given the(More)
In this paper, we describe our online platform designed for social scientists to easily visualize and analyze nation-level network data, GeoNetViz. Our platform allows for social researchers to quickly explore and visualize their nationlevel data. This combines an HTML+CSS+D3 interface with Python's Django framework and NetworkX library in the backend. Our(More)
This paper presents a new methodology---the Twitter bot survey---that bridges the gap between social media research and web surveys. The methodology uses the Twitter APIs to identify a target population and then uses the API to deliver a question in the form of a regular Tweet. We hypothesized that this method would yield high response rates because users(More)
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