Juan P. Gardella

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Different surgical techniques have been used to treat periodontal osseous defects. Periodontists were very full of hope with osseous grafts but the results were disappointing or unpredictable. A best knowledge of the biologics determinants of periodontal healing has lead to the concept of guided regeneration. A case of deep osseous defect of a mandibular(More)
This review of the literature emphasizes the following points: Bone allografts in periodontology seem to have an osteogenic potential comparable to that of autografts; Taking of a graft on the patient is avoided, but it is necessary to resort to a bone bank for the preparation (lyophyllized bone) or the preservation (bone preserved at low temperatures) of(More)
A solution of formaldehyde and tyrothricin was placed in periodontal pockets of 14 patients. One maxillary quadrant was used as the experimental side, while the contralateral quadrant was employed as the control. A placebo solution was placed in the pockets of the control side. Both the experimental and control sides were treated on days -3, 0, +4, +7, +11(More)
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