Juan P. Bernal

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A substantial strengthening of the South American monsoon system (SAMS) during Heinrich Stadials (HS) points toward decreased cross-equatorial heat transport as the main driver of monsoonal hydroclimate variability at millennial time scales. In order to better constrain the exact timing and internal structure of HS1 over tropical South America, we assessed(More)
Casiopeina III-Ea is a mixed chelate copper (II) complex that has shown cytotoxic and antitumor activity in vitro and in vivo. The aim of this study was to investigate the pharmacokinetics of total copper derived from casiopeina III-Ea administered by intravenous bolus injection to Wistar rats. Other objective was to evaluate the hematotoxicity produced by(More)
Today some clinics and hospitals in the country are looking for cost reduction and optimization of resources in response to new trends in administration, for that reason is not possible to have specialists in each hospital or health center. This project proposes a solution through the use of the technology to the current problems and suggests the(More)
The dominant controls on global paleomonsoon strength include summer insolation driven by precession cycles, ocean circulation through its influence on atmospheric circulation, and sea-surface temperatures. However, few records from the summer North American Monsoon system are available to test for a synchronous response with other global monsoons to shared(More)
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