Juan Moran

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auto-id centre institute for manufacturing, university of cambridge, mill lane, cambridge, cb2 1rx, united kingdom abstract This paper extends our previous white paper on our PML Server prototype work. We begin with a brief review of the Auto-ID infrastructure, then consider the different types of essential data which could be stored about a tagged physical(More)
The field of Psychometrics routinely grapples with the question of what it means to measure the inherent ability of an organism to perform a given task, and for the last forty years, the field has increasingly relied on probabilistic methods such as the Rasch model for test construction and the analysis of test results. Because the underlying issues of(More)
The goal of this symposium is to present and discuss how advances in computer hardware, scientific visualization, and computational methods of visualization, has enabled multiple conceptual and visual representations of atomic and molecular concepts. These advances in molecular modeling and visualization enable students to manipulate a variety of visual(More)
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