Juan Mora Natalia Jimenez

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This paper explores the effect of the possibility of third-party intervention on behavior in a variant of the Berg, Dickhaut, and McCabe (1995) " Investment Game ". A third party's material payoff is not affected by the decisions made by the other participants, but this person may choose to punish a responder who has been overly selfish. The concern over(More)
The presence of ultradian rhythms in the mobility and behavior of rhesus monkeys was explored in eleven animals equipped with mobility FM transmitters and placed alone or in pairs in laboratory cage situated in a sound proof, temperature controlled room, with food and water ad libitum. After an habituation period of 3 to 7 days, telemetric recordings of the(More)
This study assessed the efficacy of a behaviorally based treatment package to decrease the frequency of verbal responding to auditory hallucinations and to increase attention to important external stimuli, rather than to the hallucinations. The subject, a 49-year-old male, with a 20-year history of auditory hallucinatory responding (AHR), laughing and(More)
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