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A new technique to reduce EMI in modular power multiconverters is described. The technique is based on a combination of switching frequency modulation and a variable delay between commutation signals of the single converters. The proposed technique has been validated experimentally in a four converters parallel topology. A significant EMI reduction has been(More)
This paper presents a new mixed modulator that combines interleaving and spread-spectrum techniques in order to achieve the lowest level of conducted EMI generation. This modulator is addressed to power converters in parallel arrangement. The practical details of the hybrid modulator and controller implementation on a FPGA are explained. The characteristics(More)
This paper explores the application of the Variable Delay Frequency Modulation (VDFM) to an Interleaved Multicellular Parallel converter. VDFM is a modulation technique specially intended to reduce conducted EMI generated by parallel converters. This technique combines interleaving and frequency modulation in such a way that provides the best attenuation.(More)
This paper presents a modulation scheme in order to reduce conducted Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) generated by modular power converters with parallel topology. The proposed scheme is based on a combination of interleaving and Switching Frequency Modulation (SFM) techniques. The objective of this modulation scheme is to cancel certain harmonics of EMI(More)
The Coupled Interleaved Multicellular Parallel (CIMP) topology is the subject of intense research because of its advantages in terms of systems integration, power density increase, low level of EMI emissions and dynamic performance. This paper evaluates the viability of application of switching frequency modulation techniques to CIMP topology.
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