Juan Miguel Martínez Galiano

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OBJECTIVE To determine the influence of maternal education (ME) on early initiation of breastfeeding (BF) and its maintenance during the first two months of the infant's life, as well as to understand the influence of ME on the reasons for BF discontinuation. METHOD This was a multicenter observational study carried out with primiparous women in four(More)
INTRODUCTION The global epidemic of overweight and obesity is becoming, as its growth into a major public health problem in many parts of the world affects about half the general population and is therefore a problem common among fertile. EXPOSURE Obesity and overweight are common conditions that have implications not only for overall health, but also(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this paper was to assess the association between the attendance to a health education program for pregnant women and the outcome of the newborn (low birth weight [LBW], preterm delivery, small for gestational age [SGA]) and other conditions frequency in the first two months of life of newborn. METHODS An observational study on(More)
At the present time in our country, when faced with a breech presentation through the cervix uteri, the majority of hospitals carry out an elective Cesarean section. The Spanish Association of Gynecology and Obstetrics does not indicate a strict operating protocol for these cases. The authors carry out a transversal study to test a mother's and her child's(More)
To prescribe means to issue a professional health criteria directed towards a patient in order to select materials, products and/or medication administered as part of nursing care. To prescribe consists in fulfilling medication or a medical formula. At present times, the countries which authorize prescriptions by nurses are Australia, France, the USA,(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the factors associated with participation in a prenatal education program among primiparous mothers. METHODS A multicenter observational study was carried out in four Andalusian hospitals (Spain) in primiparous women in 2010. Sociodemographic characteristics, obstetric history, and previous diseases were collected through an(More)
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