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It is commonly observed that during acclimatization to altitude oxidative enzyme activities increase per g wet weight of tissue. To examine this problem in long-term adapted animals we measured citrate synthase (CS), hydroxyacylCoA dehydrogenase (HOAD), pyruvate kinase (PK), and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) activities/g of myocardium in two domestic species(More)
A method is described for quantitative determinations of AMP, ADP, and ATP in tissue samples weighing a few milligrams by utilizing constant bioluminescent light intensity after reagent mixing. The smallest measurable quantity of adenosine nucleotide amounts to 0.2 pmol (coefficient of variation = 0.05) in the bioluminescent assay.
HISTORY AND FINDINGS Symptom-free brother and sister of Italian descent (age: 31 and 28 years), under examination to exclude haemochromatosis, were found to have increased serum ferritin levels. Both had cataracts removed, as had their mother. Physical examination had been normal in both siblings. INVESTIGATIONS Serum ferritin levels were raised to 926(More)
Ein beschwerdefreies Geschwisterpaar italienischer Abstammung wurde zum Ausschluss einer Hämochromatose bei erhöhten Serumferritinspiegeln vorgestellt. Bei beiden war bereits eine Kataraktoperation durchgeführt worden, wie auch bei der Mutter. Die augenärztliche Untersuchung ergab auch bei 2 der 5 Kindern der betroffenen Geschwister eine Katarakt.(More)
Recently in vitro evidence has been presented that sulfonylurea derivatives exert their chronic extrapancreatic effect by increasing the number of cellular insulin receptors. To ascertain if this receptor effect holds in vivo, we performed a randomized double-blind study on 21 type I (0.3 ng/ml residual C-peptide secretory capacity after(More)
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