Juan Mauro Chiarello-Sosa

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The study tests whether diurnal microhabitat use by Hatcheria macraei depends upon specific environmental parameters and/or the abundance of other fish. We carried out a 1-year field study in a low-order river of northern Patagonia, Pichileufu River, and used experimental trials to determine substrate preferences. Fishes were captured during daylight and(More)
Effects of subcutaneous visible implanted alphanumeric (VIA) microtags, pelvic fin excision, and individual photo-identification (Pid) based on natural spot patterns were experimentally evaluated in the small stream benthic Patagonian catfish Hatcheria macraei. VIA tag retention was 90 % during the first 45 days, decreasing to 80 % at day 200, and 66 % at(More)
This study describes the reproductive strategy of the stream-dwelling catfish Hatcheria macraei in the Pichileufu River, Argentina. Gonad maturity phases, classified on the basis of histological analysis, stages of gamete development and the frequency distribution of oocyte size, were correlated with macroscopic features of the gonads. Hatcheria macraei has(More)
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