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A simplified voltage reference topology with low power consumption based on MOS transistors in weak inversion operation is presented. A 176 <i>mV</i> @ 27&#176;<i>C</i> output voltage with a quiescent current of 2.7 &#956;<i>A</i> @ 3.3 <i>V</i> and a thermal coefficient of 8.8 &#956;<i>V/&#176;C</i> in the temperature range of [-25; 100] &#176;<i>C</i> had(More)
In this paper a currentxvoltage multiplier with the FVFCS is presented. This wultiplier takes advantage of the very low&#x02013;impedance input node of the FVFCS to sense the current signals. Additionally, uses a two cross&#x02013;coupled differential pairs in order to cancel undesired components in the output current. The simulations are carried out using(More)
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