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In the last years there has been a growing interest in the construction space-time covariance functions. However, effective estimation methods for these models are somehow unexplored. In this paper we propose a composite likelihood approach and a weighted variant for the space-time estimation problem. The proposed method can be a valid compromise between(More)
In this paper, we present Virtual Touch, a toolkit that allows the development of educational activities through a mixed reality environment such that, using various tangible elements, the interconnection of a virtual world with the real world is enabled. The main goal of Virtual Touch is to facilitate the installation, configuration and programming of(More)
Nowadays, one of the hot issues in the agenda is, undoubtedly, the concept of Sustainable Computing. There are several technologies in the intersection of Sustainable Computing and Ambient Intelligence. Among them we may mention " Human-Centric Interfaces for Ambient Intelligence " and " Collaborative Smart Objects " technologies. In this paper we present(More)
This article presents a pilot study of the use of two new tangible interfaces and virtual worlds for teaching geometry in a secondary school. The first tangible device allows the user to control a virtual object in six degrees of freedom. The second tangible device is used to modify virtual objects, changing attributes such as position, size, rotation and(More)