Juan Marcos González

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We report here the sequencing and analysis of the genome of the thermophilic bacterium Carboxydothermus hydrogenoformans Z-2901. This species is a model for studies of hydrogenogens, which are diverse bacteria and archaea that grow anaerobically utilizing carbon monoxide (CO) as their sole carbon source and water as an electron acceptor, producing carbon(More)
A hyperthermophilic Thermotoga sp. strain PD524 was isolated from a hot spring in Northern Thailand. Cells were long-curved rods (0.5–0.6 × 2.5–10 μm) surrounded by a typical outer membrane toga. Strain PD524 is aero-tolerant at 4 °C but is aero-sensitive at 80 °C. A heat resistant subpopulation was observed in late-stationary phase. Cells from(More)
In Benefit Cost Analysis of water resources Travel Cost Models (TCM) and Contingent Valuation Methods (CVM) are commonly used by National and International agencies. The purpose of this work is to point at a previously unrecognized limitation of one of these recommended tools, the TCM. In valuation assessments that take place at small geographical areas(More)
Background: This formative study sought to explore the factors that influence the consumption of fish and seafood among 4–6 year old children in the Perth metropolitan area. Focus groups were conducted with mothers of young children to gain insights into the enablers and barriers to regular seafood consumption in children, and the knowledge, attitudes and(More)
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