Juan María Clemente

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Fish are important in the structuring of other communities and may have large effects on the functioning of aquatic ecosystems. The structure of fish communities, in turn, seems to differ with climate. We compared the characteristics of fish assemblages in lowland streams located in two contrasting climates (cold-temperate Europe and subtropical South(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the consumption of alternative food sources (water column and sediment) and the potential competition under different conditions between Diplodon parallelopipedon (native) and Corbicula fluminea (non-native). We evaluated filtration and ingestion rates of water column at 6 and 24 h, held with and without organic matter(More)
Dormant stages (“resting eggs”) produced by cladocerans can persist for long periods of time in sediments and restore populations once the environmental conditions become favorable again. Lake Blanca, a subtropical shallow eutrophic lake, hosts a cladoceran community dominated by small-sized species. Previous studies on zooplankton resting eggs suggested(More)
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