Juan Manuel Sosa

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This paper describes some of the more salient intonational phenomena of Span-ish, and reviews several of the most pressing questions that remain to be addressed before a deÞnitive model of the system can be incorporated into a consensus transcription system for the language. The phenomena reviewed include the metrical underpinnings of the tune, and some of(More)
1. General comments We would like to start by congratulating the authors for taking the initiative in gathering this very interesting and novel dataset. Given the substantial amount of work involved in scrapping the data, their focus on four periodicals (Journal of the American Statistical Association, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B,(More)
We report on a corpus study of the intonation and meaning of 200 spontaneous wh-questions in American English. The most frequent final nuclear contour is falling, and this category correlates with the most frequent pragmatic functions of wh-questions in general, such as requesting elaborative detail, opening a subtopic and directing information flow. The(More)
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