Juan Manuel Ramirez

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This paper describes a system for surface recovery and visualization of the three-dimensional topography of the optic nerve head, as support of early diagnosis and follow up of glaucoma. In stereo vision, depth information is obtained from triangulation of corresponding points in a pair of stereo images. In this paper, the use of the cepstrum transformation(More)
This work reports the dynamical thermal behavior of lasing microspheres placed on a dielectric substrate while they are homogeneously heated-up by the top-pump laser used to excite the active medium. The lasing modes are collected in the far-field and their temporal spectral traces show characteristic lifetimes of about 2 ms. The latter values scale with(More)
Context. We have re-analyzed the X-ray spectra of the gravitational lensed high-redshift BAL QSO APM 08279+5255, observed with the XMM-Newton and Chandra observatories. Previous studies (Hasinger et al. 2002; Chartas et al. 2002) detected unusual, highly-ionized iron absorption features, but differed in their interpretation of these features, regarding the(More)
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