Juan Manuel Martínez

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The patterns of development and skull ontogeny in caenolestids have been poorly studied, resulting in a limited knowledge. In this work, we report and compare the allometric growth trends of 15 variables in the three living groups of the Family Caenolestidae, represented by Caenolestes fuliginosus, Lestoros inca, and Rhyncholestes raphanurus. We analyzed(More)
135 described in which the neuropathy preceded the abdominal clinical manifestations by years. In our patient, the clinical picture of polyneuropathy began two years before the abdominal manifestations and no nutritional deficiency was indicated. Various forms of peripheral neuropathy have been reported in other chronic inflammatory intestinal diseases,(More)
Acquired neuromyotonia is defined as continuous muscle activity originated in peripheral nerve due to alterations of the motor axon membrane. It has been considered a paraneoplastic syndrome in patients with neoplasms of the immune system, mainly lymphomas. Similarly, involvement of the motor neuron has been described as an uncommon paraneoplastic(More)
We report the application of the PCR technique to study the CKMM polymorphisms in 39 Spanish Myotonic Dystrophy affected families. We have studied 255 subjects comprising 116 clinically affected DM patients. The molecular study was informative in 64% of the DM patients. For the 76 at risk individuals, the study was informative in 46 of them, confirming the(More)