Juan Manuel García-Ruiz

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We have synthesized inorganic micron-sized filaments, whose microstucture consists of silica-coated nanometer-sized carbonate crystals, arranged with strong orientational order. They exhibit noncrystallographic, curved, helical morphologies, reminiscent of biological forms. The filaments are similar to supposed cyanobacterial microfossils from the(More)
The effect of moult on eggshell mechanical properties, on composition and concentrations of organic matrix components and on eggshell microstructure was investigated. The observed changes were studied to understand the role of organic matrix and eggshell microstructure in eggshell strength. Moult was induced by zinc oxide (20 g zinc/kg diet) in 53 ISA Brown(More)
Calcium sulfate minerals such as gypsum play important roles in natural and industrial processes, but their precipitation mechanisms remain largely unexplored. We used time-resolved sample quenching and high-resolution microscopy to demonstrate that gypsum forms via a three-stage process: (i) homogeneous precipitation of nanocrystalline hemihydrate(More)
  • J I López-Moreno, S M Vicente-Serrano, E Moran-Tejeda, J Zabalza, J Lorenzo-Lacruz, J M García-Ruiz
  • 2011
In this study the climatic and hydrological trends across 88 sub-basins of the Ebro River basin were analyzed for the period 1950–2006. A new database of climate information and river flows for the entire basin facilitated a spatially distributed assessment of climate-runoff relationships. It constitutes the first assessment of water yield evolution across(More)
Unconfined debris flows (i.e. not in incised channels) are one of the most active geomorphic processes in mountainous areas. Since they can threaten settlements and infrastructure, statistical and physically based procedures have been developed to assess the potential for landslide erosion. In this study, information on debris flow characteristics was(More)
We report the results obtained in four different kinds of experiments designed to test the effect of gravity on the formation of Liesegang patterns. Both reacting solutions (KI and Pb(NO 3) 2) were gelled with agarose L. The position of the PbI 2 precipitates was determined by image analysis, and the kinetic coefficients k m) (X n+1-X n)/X n and k p) (X n(More)
The Yesa reservoir, the largest Pyrenean reservoir, was constructed in 1959 to supply water to new irrigated areas in the Ebro Depression, NE Spain. It is filled from October to May-June and then releases large quantities of water in the summer via the Bardenas Canal. The results confirm that the frequency of floods downstream of the dam decreased. The(More)
There are many methods that can be used to incorporate concepts of crystallography into the learning experiences of students, whether they are in elementary school, at university or part of the public at large. It is not always critical that those who teach crystallography have immediate access to diffraction equipment to be able to introduce the concepts(More)
This paper reports experimental results and modelling on the crystallisation processes induced by counter diffusion method of a precipitant agent in a lysozyme protein solution. Comparison between experimental observations and numerical simulations in the presence of convection and sedimentation and without them (suppressed using gel) provides a validation(More)
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