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We have synthesized inorganic micron-sized filaments, whose microstucture consists of silica-coated nanometer-sized carbonate crystals, arranged with strong orientational order. They exhibit noncrystallographic, curved, helical morphologies, reminiscent of biological forms. The filaments are similar to supposed cyanobacterial microfossils from the(More)
Mexicain is a 23.8 kDa cysteine protease from the tropical plant Jacaratia mexicana. It is isolated as the most abundant product after cation-exchange chromatography of the mix of proteases extracted from the latex of the fruit. The purified enzyme inhibited with E-64 [N-(3-carboxyoxirane-2-carbonyl)-leucyl-amino(4-guanido)butane] was crystallized by(More)
The eggshell of the hen is a highly ordered and mineralised structure, which is sequentially deposited within an acellular milieu – the uterine fluid secreted by the distal oviduct. Spherulitic crystal growth of calcite is initiated on organic aggregates on surface of the eggshell membranes, followed by competition between radial crystallites for space to(More)
The avian eggshell is a composite biomaterial composed of non-calcifying eggshell membranes and the overlying calcified shell matrix. The calcified shell forms in a uterine fluid where the concentration of different protein species varies between the initial, rapid calcification and terminal phases of eggshell deposition. The role of these avian eggshell(More)
The eggshell is an highly ordered structure deposited in the distal oviduct and composed of calcium carbonate and an organic matrix which is believed to influence its fabric. We have identified ovotransferrin as an 80 kDa matrix protein observed at high concentration in the uterine fluid at the initial stage of shell mineralization, by N-terminal sequencing(More)
Chemoreceptor-based signaling is a central mechanism in bacterial signal transduction. Receptors are classified according to the size of their ligand-binding region. The well-studied cluster I proteins have a 100- to 150-residue ligand-binding region that contains a single site for chemoattractant recognition. Cluster II receptors, which contain a 220- to(More)
The effect of moult on eggshell mechanical properties, on composition and concentrations of organic matrix components and on eggshell microstructure was investigated. The observed changes were studied to understand the role of organic matrix and eggshell microstructure in eggshell strength. Moult was induced by zinc oxide (20 g zinc/kg diet) in 53 ISA Brown(More)
Mexicain is a 23.7 kDa papain-like cysteine protease from the tropical plant Jacaratia mexicana. Extracted as a mix of proteases from the latex of the fruit, mexicain is isolated after cation-exchange chromatography as the most abundant product. The purified product inhibited with E-64 was crystallized by sitting-drop vapour diffusion in the presence of(More)
Insulin crystals suitable for cryogenic data collection and structure determination by single-wavelength anomalous scattering (SAS) were obtained by a self-optimization screening process in a single capillary tube without manipulation of the crystals at any time. Using the counter-diffusion crystallization technique, screening for optimal conditions for(More)
The precipitation of barium or strontium carbonates in alkaline silica-rich environments leads to crystalline aggregates that have been named silica/carbonate biomorphs because their morphology resembles that of primitive organisms. These aggregates are self-assembled materials of purely inorganic origin, with an amorphous phase of silica intimately(More)