Juan Manuel Castillo

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Low and high temperatures are known as most important factors influencing plant performance and distribution. Plants of Lantana camara L. coming from two distinct geographical populations (Iberian Peninsula and Galápagos Islands) were cultivated in a common garden experiment, and their leaves were subjected to thermal treatments (from +20.0 to −7.5°C during(More)
Massively-parallel molecular dynamics simulation is applied to systems containing electrolytes, vapour-liquid interfaces, and biomolecules in contact with water-oil interfaces. Novel molecular models of alkali halide salts are presented and employed for the simulation of electrolytes in aqueous solution. The enzymatically catalysed hydroxylation of oleic(More)
The present thesis aims at modeling of natural language within the framework of virtual assistants on mobile devices. Current mobile devices have a voice assistant, which is generated by a computer program that is able to recognize basic natural language that simulates a conversation. They can give information and offer a service through voice to text, text(More)
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