Juan M. Vara

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Context: Model-Driven Engineering provides a new landscape for dealing with traceability in software development. Objective: Our goal is to analyze the current state of the art in traceability management in the context of Model-Driven Engineering. Method: We use the systematic literature review based on the guidelines proposed by Kitchenham. We propose five(More)
Evolution is inherent to software systemsbecause of the rapid improvement of technologies and business logic. As a software development paradigm, model driven engineering (MDE) is also affected by this problem. More concretely, being metamodels the cornerstone of MDE, their evolution impacts the rest of software artefacts involved in a development process,(More)
In this paper we define and formalize the model transformations that complete the methodological approach for the development of Object-Relational (OR) Databases (DB) proposed in MIDAS, a model driven methodology for the development of Web Information Systems. In this proposal the Platform Independent Model is the conceptual data model while the Platform(More)
In response to the lack of suitable methods to build the navigation model of Web Information Systems (WIS), we presented in past works HM<sup>3</sup>, the Hypertext Modeling Method of MIDAS, a methodological framework for the agile development of WIS. We proposed a method to obtain the navigation model of a WIS, starting from the conceptual data model and(More)
This paper completes our proposal for automatic development of Object-Relational (OR) DataBase (DB) schemas. By means of a case study, this work focuses on presenting the tooling developed to support the whole process. As usual, the proposal starts from a conceptual data model (Platform Independent Model) depicted in a UML class diagram. Then, the(More)
In recent years, innovation in technologies such as web services, business process automation, etc., have motivated a new paradigm in the application development field to appear, known as Service-Oriented Computing. This new paradigm, which utilizes services as fundamental elements for developing applications, has encouraged the evolution of web(More)