Juan M. Urbina Gonzáles

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BACKGROUND Palliative care is not accessed by all those who can benefit from it. Survey aim: To explore awareness of palliative care and related services among UK oncology out-patients, and to analyse the relationship between demographic characteristics and knowledge. DESIGN Cross-sectional interview-based survey. Analysis comprised univariate and(More)
In order to study the biological activity of the two novel steroidal carbamates derivatives: 8a and 8b, we determined the concentration of both compounds that inhibit the 50% of the activity of human prostate 5alpha-reductase enzyme, as well as the in vivo effect of these compounds in the weight of hamster prostate and flank organs diameter size. We(More)
A study of some antiparasitic properties of several homoallylamines and related tetrahydroquinolines and quinolines, previously described, was carried out using in vitro activity assays against the epimastigote form of Trypanosoma cruzi and against Trichomonas vaginalis. Unspecific cytotoxicity against murine macrophages was also studied. Although the(More)
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