Juan M. Restrepo

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Thevetia peruviana is a small tree that produces several compounds with pharmaceutical application, among which peruvoside could be highlighted. However, these compounds are produced in low concentration in the plant, making it important to develop strategies such as plant cell culture and elicitation to obtain higher quantities of the desired product. In(More)
Considered here is a model equation put forward by Benjamin that governs approximately the evolution of waves on the interface of a two-uid system in which surface tension eeects cannot be ignored. Our principal focus is the traveling-wave solutions called solitary waves, and three aspects will be investigated. A constructive proof of the existence of these(More)
Movement, deformation, and partitioning of mammalian red blood cells (RBCs) in diverging microvessel bifurcations are simulated using a two-dimensional, flexible-particle model. A set of viscoelastic elements represents the RBC membrane and the cytoplasm. Motion of isolated cells is considered, neglecting cell-to-cell interactions. Center-of-mass(More)
There is not yet widespread agreement as to the underlying cause of the 80-100 ppmv roughly 100kyr-duration Glacial-Interglacial cycles in atmospheric pCO2. Most of the mechanisms which have been proposed to account for the observed variations in atmospheric pCO2 appear to in some way violate interpretations of paleo proxy data. The inability of a single(More)
Stable and Unstable Solitary-Wave Solutions of the Generalized Regularized Long-Wave Equation J. L. Bona,1 W. R. McKinney,2 and J. M. Restrepo3,∗ 1 Department of Mathematics and Texas Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics, University of Texas, Austin, TX 78712, USA 2 Department of Mathematics, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC(More)
Oceanic surface gravity waves have a mean Lagrangian motion, the Stokes drift. The dynamics of winddriven, basin-scale oceanic currents in the presence of Stokes drift are modified by the addition of so-called vortex forces and wave-induced material advection, as well by wave-averaged effects in the surface boundary conditions for the dynamic pressure, sea(More)
The eeective action provides an appropriate cost function to determine most probable (or optimal) histories for nonlinear dynamics with strong noise. In such strong-coupling problems, a nonperturbative technique is required to calculate the eeective action. We have proposed a Rayleigh-Ritz variational approximation, which employs simple moment-closures or(More)
[1] We examine wave-current interactions in littoral current shear instabilities above a single-barred beach using a fully coupled wave and barotropic current model based on the multiscale asymptotic theory derived by McWilliams et al. (2004). This Eulerian waveaveraged model captures wave effects on currents (WEC) in a manner that leads to simple(More)
From algal suspensions to magma upwellings, one finds jets which exhibit complex symmetry-breaking instabilities as they are decelerated by their surroundings. We consider here a model system--a saline jet descending through a salinity gradient--which produces dynamics unlike those of standard momentum jets or plumes. The jet coils like a corkscrew within a(More)