Juan M. Ramírez-Anguita

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Supramolecular chemistry has recently emerged as a promising way to modulate protein functions, but devising molecules that will interact with a protein in the desired manner is difficult as many competing interactions exist in a biological environment (with solvents, salts or different sites for the target biomolecule). We now show that lysine-specific(More)
The relative importance of the reaction pathways and thus the product yields in the dimethyl sulfide (DMS) degradation scheme initiated by the hydroxyl (OH) radical has been said to be influenced by the content of nitrogen oxides (NO(x)) in chamber experiments. In this study, ab initio and density functional electronic structure calculations of all the(More)
The production of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and dimethyl sulfone (DMSO(2)) in the dimethyl sulfide (DMS) degradation scheme initiated by the hydroxyl (OH) radical has been shown to be very sensitive to nitrogen oxides (NO(x)) levels. In the present work we have explored the potential energy surfaces corresponding to several reaction pathways which yield(More)
The phenoxyl radical 1 was generated in high yields by flash vacuum pyrolysis of allyl phenyl ether 2 with subsequent trapping of the products in argon at 3 K. In water-doped argon matrices, an OH···O complex between 1 and water is formed that could be characterized by IR spectroscopy. Several isotopomers of the complex were generated, and the IR spectra(More)
Two novel cyclo(Boc-Cys-Pro-Leu-Cys-OMe) peptides 1 and 2 containing the enantiomeric amino acids d-Leu and l-Leu, respectively, were synthesized to investigate the effect of chiral centers on peptide conformations. By combining a variety of experimental techniques (X-ray crystallography, 2D NMR spectroscopy, temperature-dependent (1)H NMR and IR(More)
The chemical tropospheric dimethyl sulfide (DMS, CH3SCH3) degradation involves several steps highly dependent on the environmental conditions. So, intensive efforts have been devoted during the last years to enhance the understanding of the DMS oxidation mechanism under different conditions. The reaction of DMS with OH is considered to be the most relevant(More)
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