Juan M. Montero Martinez

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BACKGROUND It is recommended that Swiss infants have a minimum intake of 10.0 microg of colecalciferol (vitamin D3) per day during the first 12 months of life. For this reason they are prescribed an alcoholic solution containing colecalciferol. However, it has been stated that the palatability to infants of the alcoholic colecalciferol preparation is poor.(More)
The patterns of development and skull ontogeny in caenolestids have been poorly studied, resulting in a limited knowledge. In this work, we report and compare the allometric growth trends of 15 variables in the three living groups of the Family Caenolestidae, represented by Caenolestes fuliginosus, Lestoros inca, and Rhyncholestes raphanurus. We analyzed(More)
The interdependencies of the two main processing parameters affecting “electroporation” (electric field strength and pulse duration) while using pulse duration in the range of milliseconds and microseconds on the permeabilization, inactivation, and extraction of pigments from Chlorella vulgaris was compared. While irreversible “electroporation” was observed(More)
Partial discharges are a transient phenomena whose measurement is remarkably important for electrical equipment diagnosis and maintenance. These discharges appear in the measurement circuit as very narrow current pulses of some nanoseconds. Therefore, discharge pulse detection is a particularly difficult problem, especially because they are superposed on(More)
Turbot specimens were kept at three temperatures (T s ): warm (W) (21–22 °C), ambient (A) (17–18 °C) and cold (C) (13–14 °C) during the larval and early postlarval stages. At 90 days posthatching (dph), all of them were transferred to ambient T until 190 dph. At 2–3 dph, the specimens showed a monolayer of red muscle and immature white fibres; external or(More)
We will present two speaker-conversion techniques and their application to a multi-speaker synthesizer. The first technique linearly transforms formants and bandwidths. The second one converts LP coded speech using codebook matching. In both cases F0 curve is transformed and the target speaker glottal pulse parameters are applied. Results are good for both(More)