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With the rapid development of Cloud computing technologies and wide adopt of Cloud services and applications, QoS provisioning in Clouds becomes an important research topic. In this paper, we propose an admission control mechanism for Cloud computing. In particular we consider the high volume of simultaneous requests for Cloud services and develop admission(More)
Networking plays a crucial role in Cloud service delivery and network Quality of Service (QoS) has a significant impact on Cloud service performance. Cloud services for data-intensive computing applications typically require high throughput data transmission, which in some cases may not be achievable with a single end-to-end path in the network. Therefore(More)
To improve the utilization of government information resources, further promote e-government construction in China. The data of the enterprise fundamental information base were analyzed and treated with the clustering analysis in this paper. This analysis results provide decision support for the government leaders. Based on the enterprise fundamental data(More)
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