Juan Luis Lopez

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Controlling self-organization and morphology of chemical architectures is an essential challenge in the search for higher energy-conversion efficiencies in a variety of optoelectronic devices. Here, we report a highly ordered donor/acceptor functional material, which has been obtained using the principle of ionic self-assembly. Initially, an electron donor(More)
Chromophore-peptide systems: a study on a series of pentapeptides covalently connected to planar π systems (1 a and 1 b) or to a curved π system (1 c) showed the influence of the concave shape on the efficient chiral transmission at nano- and mesoscales. Control over the hierarchical growth by H bonding, π-π, and solvophobic interactions made possible the(More)
Novel chiral catalytic systems based on both organic compounds and metal salts have been developed for the enantioselective [3 + 2] cycloaddition of münchnones onto fullerenes and olefins. These two different approaches proved to be efficient and complementary in the synthesis of optically active pyrrolino[3,4:1,2][60]fullerenes with high levels of(More)
The construction of ordered single-wall carbon nanotube soft-materials at the nanoscale is currently an important challenge in science. Here we use single-wall carbon nanotubes as a tool to gain control over the crystalline ordering of three-dimensional bulk materials composed of suitably functionalized molecular building blocks. We prepare p-type(More)
The performance of the multifractal detrended analysis on short time series is evaluated for synthetic samples of several mono- and multifractal models. The reconstruction of the generalized Hurst exponents is used to determine the range of applicability of the method and the precision of its results as a function of the decreasing length of the series. As(More)
The synthesis, characterisation, and X-ray structure of a new strained asymmetric diferrocene derivative (2) is reported. Compound 2 acts as a highly specific electrochemical and optical Mg(2+) ion sensor, as revealed by spectroscopic and electrochemical techniques. Thus, in the presence of Mg(2+), a new redox peak appears in the cyclic voltammogram (CV)(More)
Standardization bodies have spent lots of efforts and have extensively defined IP Multimedia Subsystem interfaces. While Telcos have started its deployment, IMS-based applications boosting user needs are still to come. Such applications must not suffer from interoperability issues caused by different vendors and different administrative domains. NetLab(More)