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  • Guadalupe Ortega, Cristina Castellà, Carlos Martín-Cantera, Jose L Ballvé, Estela Díaz, Marc Saez +10 others
  • 2010
BACKGROUND There is evidence that exposure to passive smoking in general, and in babies in particular, is an important cause of morbimortality. Passive smoking is related to an increased risk of pediatric diseases such as sudden death syndrome, acute respiratory diseases, worsening of asthma, acute-chronic middle ear disease and slowing of lung growth.The(More)
The use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) has gained an important role to enhance healthcare systems by increasing access to services, and improving the quality and equity of care. In order to evaluate the stage of ICTs adoption in the Uruguayan healthcare system, the Governmental Salud.uy Program carried out a national survey to(More)
Monte Carlo Tree Search methods provide a general framework for modeling decision problems by randomly sampling the decision space and constructing a search tree according to the sampling results. Artificial Intelligences employing these methods in games with massive decision spaces such as Go and Settlers of Cataan have recently demonstrated far superior(More)
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