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Outsourcing has become one of the strategies adopted by businesses to manage their IS. During the last few years, the use of outsourcing has resulted in an increase in the volume of literature devoted to it. We decided therefore to analyse the literature with the aim of identifying the main topics, the methodologies most often applied and the authors and(More)
Despite the considerable growth of Information Systems (IS) outsourcing in recent years, this trend is still the object of strong criticism. This study has as its aim to show the main risks computer outsourcing entails for the largest Spanish firms. In order to achieve that aim, we have reviewed the previous literature on this topic and later analysed the(More)
The unstoppable tendency toward Information Systems Outsourcing contrasts with the lack of success in many of these contracts, which makes it necessary to study the factors determining that success. The present paper proposes a set of key factors to achieve IS outsourcing success and also; it establishes a number of measures to value the degree of success(More)
The study of Information Systems (IS) is a relatively new research area, thus an analysis of the latest literature could be useful to show what the researchers are doing and what can be done to improve our approach. With that purpose in mind, this article analyzes the articles published in the Management Information Systems Quarterly and Information &(More)
Purpose This paper has as its aim to analyse the evolution and current status of e-government, trying to deduce a series of basic principles for its success. Design/Methodology/Approach A case study has served to achieve that aim, but prior to its presentation, a short review of the e-government literature along with some facts and figures have made it(More)
In this paper we analyze the improvements in organizational behaviour needed to maximize the efficiency of information systems (IS). For this purpose, we have studied the mutual relationships among information technologies (IT), IS and organizational culture. Then, we focus on how the organizational culture influences this specific process distinguishing(More)
Information Systems outsourcing is a widespread activity that has been growing on a worldwide basis in recent years. Considering the interest raised by this phenomenon, this paper offers the results of a survey in which participated 357 Information Systems managers. These results allow us to identify the most important outsourcing success factors from the(More)