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Locating desirable resources is very important for a large distributed system. However, the distributed, heterogeneous, and unstructured nature of the system makes this issue very challenging. The discovering mechanism has to be not only semantically rich, in order to cope with complex queries, but also scalable to handle large numbers of information(More)
The neural interface between sensory perception and memory is a central issue in neuroscience, particularly initial memory organization following perceptual analyses. We used functional magnetic resonance imaging to identify anatomic regions extracting initial auditory semantic memory information related to environmental sounds. Two distinct anatomic foci(More)
An important issue for peer-to-peer application is to locate content within the network. There are many existing solutions to this problem, however, each of them addresses different aspects and each has its deficiencies. In this paper, we focus on the unstructured peer-to-peer scenario and present a constrained flooding routing algorithm, Efa, which(More)