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Neuronal networks are thought to gradually adapt to altered neuronal activity over many hours and days. For instance, when activity is increased by suppressing synaptic inhibition, excitatory synaptic transmission is reduced. The underlying compensatory cellular and molecular mechanisms are thought to contribute in important ways to maintaining normal(More)
Intestinal trefoil factor (ITF), a member of the trefoil factor family, is a "Super-protective factor" for intestinal mucosal protection. This study was designed to explore the mechanism by which ITF promotes intestinal epithelial cell migration. Intestinal epithelial cells were treated with the human ITF (hITF). Phospho-ERK, phospho-STAT3 Tyr(705), and(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the eff ect of intestinal trefoil factor (ITF) on the transcriptional activity of ITF promoter and to explore the regulatory mechanism of Janus kinase/signal transducers and activators of transcription (JAK/STAT) on ITF promoter. METHODS The 5' flanking sequence of the ITF gene was cloned from human whole blood genomic DNA by PCR.(More)
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