Juan L. Román-Rodríguez

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STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Evidence is limited on the efficacy of zirconia-based fixed dental prostheses. OBJECTIVE To carry out a literature review of the behavior of zirconium oxide dental restorations. MATERIAL AND METHODS This literature review searched the Pubmed, Scopus, Medline and Cochrane Library databases using key search words "zirconium oxide,"(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to evaluate bond strengths of zirconium-oxide (zirconia) ceramic and a selection of different composite resin cements. STUDY DESIGN 130 Lava TM cylinders were fabricated. The cylinders were sandblasted with 80 µm aluminium oxide or silica coated with CoJet Sand. Silane, and bonding agent and/or Clearfil Ceramic Primer(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aims to determine whether bruxism and the use of occlusal splints affect the survival of porcelain laminate veneers in patients treated with this technique. MATERIAL AND METHODS Restorations were made in 70 patients, including 30 patients with some type of parafunctional habit. A total of 323 veneers were placed, 170 in patients with(More)
UNLABELLED To evaluate bond strengths of different resin cements to two aluminum oxide-based ceramics. METHODS One hundred ten ceramic cylinders were produced and given four different surface treatments. Resin cement cylinders were then bonded to the ceramic cylinders using different resin cements and the bond strength was determined by shear testing to(More)
OBJECTIVES To observe porcelain veneer behavior of zirconia and metal-ceramic full coverage crowns when subjected to compression testing, comparing zirconia cores to metal cores. STUDY DESIGN The porcelain fracture surfaces of 120 full coverage crowns (60 with a metal core and 60 with a zirconia core) subjected to static load (compression) testing were(More)
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