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This paper presents a data{parallel formulation for N?body simulations using the Barnes-Hut method. The tree-structured problem is rst linearized by using space{{lling curves. This process allows us to use standard data distributions and parallel array operations available in data-parallel languages. A new eecient HPF implementation of the Barnes-Hut method(More)
In our research, we consider a distributed video-on-demand (VoD) system in which only the most popular videos are replicated in all the servers, whereas the rest of them are distributed through the system following some allocation scheme. In this paper, we present an algorithm to efficiently share the load in such a system and an analytical model that(More)
Chapel is a parallel programming language designed to improve the productivity and ease of use of conventional and parallel computers. This language currently delivers sub optimal performance when executing codes that perform global data re-allocation operations on distributed memory architectures. This is mainly due to data communication that is done(More)
An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is a non-piloted airplane designed to operate in dangerous and repetitive situations. With the advent of UAV's civil applications, UAVs are emerging as a valid option in commercial scenarios. If it must be economically viable, the same platform should implement a variety of missions with little reconfiguration time and overhead. (More)
We present an area-efficient parallel architecture that implements the constant-geometry, in-place Fast Fourier Transform. It consists of a specific-purpose processor array interconnected by means of a perfect unshuffle network. For a radix r transform of N = rn data of size D and a column of P = r processors, each processor has only one local memory of(More)