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Real time image processing uses SIMD engines to accelerate the computation of algorithms as DCT, FFT or DWT. So, a good skewing scheme becomes essential for avoiding memory bank conflicts. In this paper a memory system is introduced for the efficient in-place computation of such transforms. It consists of M = 2 m memory modules, providing parallel access to(More)
This paper presents an embedded hardware/software architecture specially designed to be applied on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). With the advent of emerging civil applications, a class of mini/micro UAVs is emerging. This type of UAVs shares the same limitations as most commercial embedded systems: space, power resources, computational requirements,(More)
An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is a non-piloted airplane designed to operate in dangerous and repetitive situations. With the advent of UAV's civil applications, UAVs are emerging as a valid option in commercial scenarios. If it must be economically viable, the same platform should implement a variety of missions with little reconfiguration time and overhead. (More)
Forest fires are a challenging problem for many countries. They often cause economical lost and ecological damage, and they can sometimes even cost human lives. Finding hot spots immediately after a fire is an important part of fighting forest fires. The main objective is to obtain a temperature map of the burned area, to locate the most critical embers.(More)
Through an age- and sex-matched case-control study, we sought to determine whether female sex workers have an increased risk of Toxoplasma gondii exposure and to determine the sociodemographic, work, clinical, and behavioral characteristics of these workers associated with T. gondii exposure. Female workers (n = 136) and controls (n = 272) were examined(More)
The solution of tridiagonal systems is a topic of great interest in many areas of numerical analysis. Several algorithms have recently been proposed for solving triadiagonal systems based on the Divide and Conquer (DC) strategy. In this work we propose an unified parallel architecture for DC algorithms which present the data flows of the Successive(More)
—In our research, we consider a distributed video-on-demand (VoD) system in which only the most popular videos are replicated in all the servers, whereas the rest of them are distributed through the system following some allocation scheme. In this paper, we present an algorithm to efficiently share the load in such a system and an analytical model that(More)
This paper presents a general data-parallel formulation for a class of problems based on the divide and conquer strategy. A combination of three techniques—mapping vectors, index-digit permutations and space-filling curves—are used to reorganize the algorithmic dataflow, providing great flexibility to efficiently exploit data locality and to reduce and(More)