Juan Josx00E9 García

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The indoleamine melatonin and the synthetic antiestrogenic drug tamoxifen seem to have similar mechanisms in inhibiting the growth of estrogen receptor positive breast cancer cells. In this study, we compared the ability of these molecules, alone and in combination, in stabilizing microsomal membranes against free radical attack. Hepatic microsomes were(More)
Antioxidant defences are essential for cellular redox regulation. Since free-radical production may be enhanced by physical activity, herein, we evaluated the effect of acute exercise on total antioxidant status (TAS) and the plasma activities of catalase, glutathione reductase, glutathione peroxidase, and superoxide dismutase and its possible relation to(More)
Mitomycin C (MMC) generates free radicals when metabolized. We investigated the effect of melatonin against MMC-induced genotoxicity in polychromatic erythrocytes and MMC-induced lipid peroxidation in brain and liver homogenates. Rats (N = 36) were classified into 4 groups: control, melatonin, MMC, and MMC + melatonin. Melatonin and MMC doses of 10 mg/kg(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the beta-amyloid precursor protein (betaAPP) isoforms ratio as a risk factor for Alzheimer's Disease and to assess its relationship with demographic and genetic variables of the disease. METHODS Blood samples from 26 patients fulfilling NINCDS-ADRDA diagnostic criteria for AD and 46 healthy control subjects were collected for(More)
We hypothesized that intense exercise training (forced swimming for 30 min, 5 days/week) may enhance the progression of mammary carcinogenesis through the involvement of stress hormones, such as catecholamines and prolactin, which can promote breast cancer. After the appearance of the DMBA-induced tumors in Sprague-Dawley rats, the effect was evaluated of(More)
Optimal levels of membrane fluidity are essential for numerous cell functions including cell growth, solute transport and signal transduction. Since exercise enhances free radical production, our aim was to evaluate in healthy male subjects the effects of an acute bout of maximal and submaximal exercise on the erythrocyte membrane fluidity and its possible(More)
The ability of several indoleamines to scavenge free radicals is well documented. Our aim was to evaluate the ability of 0.01–3 mm tryptophan (Trp) and 0.1–5 mm 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-OH-Trp) to protect hepatic cell membranes against 0.1 mm FeCl3 plus 0.1 mm ascorbic acid–induced lipid peroxidation and increases in membrane rigidity. Membrane fluidity was(More)
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