Juan Jose García Adeva

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To perform analysis, decision-making, and knowledge management tasks, information systems use an increasing amount of unstructured information in the form of text. This data influx, in turn, has spawned a need to improve the text-mining technologies required for information retrieval, filtering, and classification. This article compares some of the options(More)
The treatment of choice of metastatic PADC is systemic chemotherapy. In the last decade, there have been significant advances in this area. New combination poli-chemotherapy schemes have shown a significant increase in overall survival and progression-free survival without impairing quality of life. In addition, the value of second-line chemotherapy(More)
Error-Correcting Out Codes (ECOC) ensembles of binary classifiers are used in Text Categorisation to improve the accuracy while benefiting from learning algorithms that only support two classes. An accurate ensemble relies on the quality of its corresponding decomposition matrix, which at the same time depends on the separation between the categories and(More)
There is a tremendous amount of effort involved in the definition of Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) by physicians. Because the quality of medical assistance is highly impacted by the use of CPG, and establishing their use is difficult, we consider necessary to develop an effective solution that implements CPG through Decision Support Systems (DSS).(More)
Error-correcting output codes (ECOC) are commonly used to decompose a multicategory problem into many dichotomies. Therefore, the text categorisation task is performed by an ensemble of binary classifiers instead of a single monolithic classifier. The ensemble performance largely depends on the characteristics of the decomposition. We propose a(More)
As information systems are dealing with a growing amount of unstructured text information, text mining technologies and their corresponding software tools have become increasingly widespread. However, text mining is still a young discipline that is starting to witness the advent of flexible, robust, and general software architectures that leverage the(More)