Juan José Santana Rodríguez

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Phenol oxidation by Fenton's reagent (H2O2 + Fe2+) in aqueous solution has been studied in depth for the purpose of learning more about the reactions involved and the extent of the oxidation process, under various operating conditions. An initial phenol concentration of 100 mg/L was used as representative of a phenolic industrial wastewater. Working(More)
Excessively lax wrists more frequently become symptomatic if overloaded or injured than normal joints. Whether this is the consequence of biological or mechanical factors or both remains unknown. This study evaluates the relationship between the degree of joint laxity and scaphoid kinematic behaviour during radio-ulnar deviation of the wrist in 60 normal(More)
The simultaneous removal of 4-chlorophenol (4-CP) and phenol in lab-scale sequencing batch reactors at different temperatures has been studied. Phenol feed concentration was fixed at 525 mg/L and 4-CP concentration was increased from 105 to 2100 mg/L at a constant hydraulic residence time (HRT) of 10.5 d. Complete phenol and 4-CP biodegradation was achieved(More)
In altricial birds, resource allocation during early developmental stages is the result of an interaction between parental feeding decisions and scramble competition between nestmates. Hatching asynchrony in birds leads to a pronounced age hierarchy among their offspring. Therefore, whenever parents exert control over resource allocation parents feeding(More)
Chlorophenols exert a crucial effect on the methanogenesis, considerably reducing both maximum methane potential and methanogenic rates. However, there is not enough information about the kinetic mechanism of chlorophenols toxicity on the methanogenesis, which is a key aspect for the control of the anaerobic digesters because of the sensitivity and the(More)
The removal of organic matter (TOC and COD) from a cosmetic wastewater by Fenton oxidation treatment has been evaluated. The operating conditions (temperature as well as ferrous ion and hydrogen peroxide dosage) have been optimized. Working at an initial pH equal to 3.0, a Fe(2+) concentration of 200 mg/L and a H(2)O(2) concentration to COD initial weight(More)
The objective of the study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of 800 microg misoprostol (Cytotec) every 8 h for 24 h for pharmacological abortion; the treatment was repeated if abortion did not occur in the first 24-h interval. The first misoprostol doses were always self-administered into the vagina; the second and third doses could be administered(More)
Visual signals are crucial for parent-offspring communication, although their functioning has been neglected for nocturnal birds. Here, we investigated parental preference for nestling coloration in nocturnal conditions--a question hitherto unexplored--in a nocturnal raptor, the scops owl (Otus scops). We assessed how parents allocated food during the night(More)
Activated carbons with a high BET surface area and a well-developed porosity have been prepared from pyrolysis of H3PO4-impregnated lignin precipitated from kraft black liquors. Impregnation ratios within the range of 1-3 and activation temperatures of 623-873 K have been used, giving rise to carbons with different porous and surface chemical structure.(More)
The Llobregat and Ter Rivers, typical Mediterranean catchments in Northeast Spain, supply water to more than 4.5 million inhabitants residing in the metropolitan area of Barcelona. The objective of this work is to study the factors that influence the surface water quality of Llobregat catchment. As such, spatial and temporal variations of more 50 water(More)