Juan José Pardo

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In this paper we show how we can use formal methods for describing and analyzing the behavior of Web Services, and more specifically those including time restrictions. Then, our starting point are Web Services descriptions written in WSCI WSCDL (XML-based description languages). These descriptions are then translated into timed automata, and then, we use a(More)
In this paper we show how we can use the UML profile for modeling real time systems, which allows us to describe Web services choreographies with time constraints. More specifically, we see how by using the diagrams of this profile, we can capture the main elements of a real-time Web Services Choreography Description Language specification (WS-CDL), which(More)
A Web Service is a self-describing, self-contained modular application that can be published, located, and invoked over a network, such as the Internet. Web Service composition provides away to obtain value-added services by combining different existing facilities, which are then able to support the integration of commercial applications. WS-CDL (Web(More)
In this paper we show how we can use a classical UML diagram, the sequence diagram, for the description of business process behavior based on Web services with time constraints. More specifically, we see how these diagrams can capture the main elements of the Web services business process execution language (WS-BPEL), and then, how we can translate these(More)
In previous work we have presented the generation of WS-CDL and WS-BPEL documents. In this paper we show the unification of both generations. The aim is to generate correct WS-BPEL skeleton documents from WS-CDL documents by using the Timed Automata as an intermediary model in order to check the correctness of the generated Web Services with Model Checking(More)
A formal specification of the purchase phase in the <b>SET</b> protocol (Secure Electronic Transaction), an e-commerce protocol by Visa and MasterCard, is presented. It is modelled by means of a <i>True Concurrency Timed Process Algebra</i> called <b>BTC</b> which takes into account that the (limited amount of) available resources in a system have to be(More)