Juan-José López

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The present paper makes a comparative analysis of the outdoor culture of H. pluvialis in a tubular photobioreactor and a bubble column. Both reactors had the same volume and were operated in the same way, thus allowing the influence of the reactor design to be analyzed. Due to the large changes in cell morphology and biochemical composition of H. pluvialis(More)
Lovastatin suppresses its own synthesis in the microfungus Aspergillus terreus. The inhibitory effect was documented by spiking identical batch cultures with pure lovastatin (0, 50, 100 and 250 mg/l) 24 h after initiation from spores.
The production of biomass and lovastatin by spore-initiated submerged fermentations of Aspergillus terreus ATCC 20542 was shown to depend on the age of the spores used for inoculation. Cultures started from older spores produced significantly higher titers of lovastatin. For example, the lovastatin titer increased by 52% when the spore age at inoculation(More)
Between April 1979 and December 1982, viral agents were found in 231 of 695 children admitted to the Texas Children's Hospital with gastroenteritis. Electron microscopic analysis showed that rotaviruses were the most common viral agents, and a seasonal pattern of rotavirus disease was observed. The migration patterns of the RNA segments of these rotaviruses(More)
We report 6 cases of patients with tuberous sclerosis and concomitant dental pathosis. The multiple manifestations in tuberous sclerosis determine its impact on dental therapy. A lack of awareness of this condition may compound the possible side effects of dental treatment. Possible preventive measures by dentists are highlighted in this presentation.(More)
  • J Lopez
  • 1976
Extensive review of the literature reveals that the diagnostic benefits of xeroradiography in medicine are rapidly being recognized. It is viewed with particular interest by clinicians managing neoplasms of the laryngopharyngeal, mammary, and joint regions. Xeroradiography is a definite aid in cephalometric analysis. Examples of use have been presented. The(More)