Juan Jim Tan

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Parkinson's disease (PD) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease characterized by motor and nonmotor signs and symptoms. To date, many studies of PD have focused on its cardinal motor symptoms. To study the nonmotor signs of early PD, we investigated the reactions solicited by heat pain stimuli in early untreated PD patients without pain using fMRI. The(More)
Preconditioning with selective delta opioid peptide [d-Ala2, d-Leu5] enkephalin (DADLE) provides ischemic tolerance following transient forebrain ischemia in rats. However, whether DADLE postconditioning retains its neuroprotective efficacy and the underlying molecular mechanism in ischemic brain is largely unknown. We investigated DADLE postconditioning(More)
Services being developed by the EU Agentcities project require, and would benefit from having security. This paper focuses on analysing and specifying agent security services for an Agentcities e-Banking service. In this version of the service we have defined a set of requirements for core, general and Multi-Multi Agent Systems (MMAS) scenarios to support(More)
Meta-reasoning models are investigated in order to deliberate about the security requirements and interoperability within open service environments. This is particularly useful within such infrastructures as it enables us to: detect, analyse and resolve multiple policy conflicts; decide if a change in the environment necessitates a security reconfiguration(More)
Communication between multi-agent platforms has shown potential problems in aspects of security, for example confidentiality, authentication and integrity. To address some these issues, this document focuses on analysing and specifying inter-platform agent security in general. In this initial document, we investigate various core requirements and the S/MIME(More)
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