Juan Jesús Otero

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Ensuring energy security and addressing climate change cost-effectively are key global challenges. Tackling these issues will require efforts from stakeholders worldwide. To find solutions, the public and private sectors must work together, sharing burdens and resources, while at the same time multiplying results and outcomes. Through its broad range of(More)
Nowadays, the common octopus (Octopus vulgaris) culture is hampered by massive mortalities occurring during early life-cycle stages (paralarvae). Despite the causes of the high paralarvae mortality are not yet well-defined and understood, the nutritional stress caused by inadequate diets is pointed out as one of the main factors. In this study, the effects(More)
INTRODUCTION The failure to the first regular appointments in Mental Health Centres represent a problem in economic terms for the institution, a waste of time for the professional person and an increase in the waiting list in the centre with the subsequent prejudice for the patient. METHODOLOGY In this investigation we study the influence of some(More)
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