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OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to assess the efficacy of anti-TNF-α therapy in refractory uveitis due to Behçet's disease (BD). METHODS We performed a multicentre study of 124 patients with BD uveitis refractory to conventional treatment including high-dose corticosteroids and at least one standard immunosuppressive agent. Patients were treated for(More)
Flow cytometry has rapidly expanded from basic research to clinical laboratories mainly due to its unique characteristics regarding cell analysis. Among the clinical uses of flow cytometry cancer represents one of the most relevant. Several applications of flow cytometry can currently be applied to the study of cancer, including the detection of tumour cell(More)
We comparatively evaluated different cytokeratin (CK) reagents analyzed by flow cytometry (FCM) for the identification of the best combination of DNA/CK staining for detecting minimal numbers of breast cancer cells in peripheral blood (PB). In 59 primary breast cancer tumors, we comparatively analyzed the reactivity for up to 6 different anti-CK reagents(More)
OBJECTIVE Development and validation of quality of life questionnaire for critical care patients. DESIGN Prospective study. SETTING Intensive care unit (ICU) of a general hospital and ICUs of 83 Spanish hospitals. SAMPLE Patients admitted to the ICU > 18 years of age; close family members. METHOD A committee of experts designed a questionnaire with(More)
The use of viral vectors for transgenic expression of immunogenic proteins is a current trend in the poultry industry. The objective of this work was to assess the protection against the variant E of infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV), conferred by day-one vaccination with a commercial recombinant herpesvirus of turkey (HVT) vaccine (VAXXITEK)(More)
There are increasing data supporting the existence of a cell hierarchy within the mammary gland. At the top or this hierarchy a small population of cells with self-renewal properties maintains the tissue architecture and remodeling, and they are known as stem cells. Also, recent evidences indicate that breast cancer is originated and maintained by its own(More)
Nurr1 expression is up-regulated in the brain following associative learning experiences, but its relevance to cognitive processes remains unclear. In these studies, rats initially received bilateral hippocampal infusions of control or antisense oligodeoxynucleotides (ODNs) 1 h prior to training in a holeboard spatial discrimination task. Such pre-training(More)
BACKGROUND Glioblastoma is the most common and aggressive primary brain tumor in adults. Despite several factors such as ionizing radiation exposure or rare genetic syndromes have been associated with the development of glioblastoma, no underlying cause has been identified for the majority of cases. We thus aimed to investigate the role of DNA repair(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the efficacy and toxicity of a biweekly combination of docetaxel and vinorelbine in patients with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) previously treated with anthracyclines. Eligible patients (n = 49) with MBC received vinorelbine, 25 mg/m2, followed by docetaxel, 60 mg/m2. Cycles were repeated every 14 days for a total of(More)