Juan Jesús Cruz

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Nurr1 expression is up-regulated in the brain following associative learning experiences, but its relevance to cognitive processes remains unclear. In these studies, rats initially received bilateral hippocampal infusions of control or antisense oligodeoxynucleotides (ODNs) 1 h prior to training in a holeboard spatial discrimination task. Such pre-training(More)
Breakthrough cancer pain is defined as transient pain exacerbation in patients with stable and controlled basal pain. Although variable, the prevalence of breakthrough cancer pain is high (33%-95%). According to the American Pain Foundation, breakthrough pain is observed in 50%-90% of all hospitalized cancer patients, in 89% of all patients admitted to(More)
PURPOSE To describe the clinical features and outcomes of estrogen receptor negative (ER-) and progesterone receptor positive (PgR+) breast cancer. METHODS We retrospectively reviewed a well-characterized database of sequential patients diagnosed with early stage invasive breast carcinoma. Outcomes of interest were time to relapse (TTR) and overall(More)
BACKGROUND Platinum-based therapy (PBT) is the standard therapy for recurrent and/or metastatic head and neck cancer (HNC), but the incidence of recurrence remains high. This study evaluates the efficacy and tolerability of capecitabine as palliative monotherapy for recurrent HNC previously treated with PBT. METHODS Patients aged 18-75 years, with Eastern(More)
1999 ii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to acknowledge the support and guidance of Dr. Bhavani Sankar, who has been my advisor, sponsor and friend during my stay at the University of Florida. He is truly an intelligent and kind-hearted man from whom many have and will continue to learn.
Malignant astrocytomas are the most aggressive primary brain tumors with a poor prognosis despite optimal treatment. Dysfunction of mismatch repair (MMR) system accelerates the accumulation of mutations throughout the genome causing uncontrolled cell growth. The aim of this study was to characterize the MMR system defects that could be involved in malignant(More)
Sir The short arm of chromosome 8 is one of the most frequently altered in breast cancer. Chromosome 8p abnormalities have been associated with the development and/or progression of breast cancer and 8p22 deletions have been associated with more aggressive phenotypes and poorer survival (Yokota et al, 1999; Utada et al, 2000). Amplification of the region(More)
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