Juan J. Nieto

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Existence of fixed point in partially ordered sets has been considered recently in [5], where some applications to matrix equations are presented. In this paper we extend the theoretical results of fixed points in partially ordered sets and apply them to study a problem of ordinary differential equations. In the literature, we can find results on existence(More)
This paper studies a coupled system of nonlinear fractional differential equation with three-point boundary conditions. Applying the Schauder fixed point theorem, an existence result is proved for the following system Du (t) = f (t, v (t) , Dv (t)) , t ∈ (0, 1) , Dv (t) = g (t, u (t) , Du (t)) , t ∈ (0, 1) , u (0) = 0, Du (1) = δDu (η) , v (0) = 0, Dv (1) =(More)
This paper is mainly concerned with the existence of solutions for a certain class of fractional differential inclusions with boundary conditions. By using Bohnenblust–Karlin’s fixed point theorem, a main existence theorem is obtained. As an application of this main theorem, we establish two existence results when the multi-valued nonlinearity F has(More)
MOTIVATION Any triplet codon may be regarded as a 12-dimensional fuzzy code. Sufficient information about a particular sequence may not be available in certain situations. The investigator will be confronted with imprecise sequences, yet want to make comparisons of sequences. Fuzzy polynucleotides can be compared by using geometrical interpretation of fuzzy(More)
The purpose of this paper is to present a general view of the current applications of fuzzy logic in medicine and bioinformatics. We particularly review the medical literature using fuzzy logic. We then recall the geometrical interpretation of fuzzy sets as points in a fuzzy hypercube and present two concrete illustrations in medicine (drug addictions) and(More)
We study an initial value problem for a coupled Caputo type nonlinear fractional differential system of higher order. As a first problem, the nonhomogeneous terms in the coupled fractional differential system depend on the fractional derivatives of lower orders only. Then the nonhomogeneous terms in the fractional differential system are allowed to depend(More)
Existence of fixed points in partially ordered sets has been considered recently in 1 , and some generalizations of the result of 1 are given in 2–6 . Also, in 1 some applications to matrix equations are presented, in 3, 4 some applications to periodic boundary value problem and to some particular problems are, respectively, given. Later, in 6 O’Regan and(More)