Juan J. De Dios

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This article reports on the first results of the research work within the paradigm of Configurable Collaborative Learning, which we have named EVA (states for Virtual Learning Spaces in Spanish). The main purpose of this project is to develop models, architectures and multi-agent environment for collaborative learning and experimentation. Each space in EVA(More)
Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Systems are being introduced increasingly in many cities around the world. These systems are aimed at cost reduction and optimization of time and resources. A Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based system called RFID Urban Transportation Monitoring System (RUTMS), is proposed in this paper for urban transportation(More)
There are some research lines in automatic subcategorization frame acquisition and the importance of their work could not be doubted. However, almost all automatic work has been done in the constituent approach. Conversely, manual work is the traditional way for syntactic information acquisition in the dependency approach, which considers the correspondence(More)
The postoperative cardiac surgery status often determines a systolic and diastolic dysfunction, thus inducing the dependence of atrial contribution to ventricle telediastolic filling and a physiological dynamic contraction and so as to avoid ventricular segmental dyssynergia. The heart rate also plays an important role in maintaining an adequate cardiac(More)
This paper summarizes our work on the design and implementation of a RFID-based system for the tracking and location of objects, and urban transport routes as a particular case. The data retrieved from the RFID readers can be associated with the data stored in a database, so we propose the development of a Web environment to gather information through any(More)
A case of neonatal campylobacteriosis with hemorrhagic enteritis and bacteraemia due to Campylobacter coli is presented. The mother, from a rural area, had three febrile self-limited diarrheic episodes during pregnancy. The neonate probably acquired the infection during labor. The newborn’s serum showed high levels of specific immunoglobulins which could(More)
The purpose of this paper is to classify real hypersurfaces of quaternionic projective spaces whose Ricci tensor satisfy a pair of conditions on the maximal quaternionic distribution D? = Span fU1; U2; U3g. x0. Introduction Throughout this paper let us denote by M a connected real hypersurface in a quaternionic projective space QP, m=3, endowed with the(More)
When people think spatially, they do not usually consider geographic coordinates nor projections. Instead, they think about things that serve as spatial references and the relations between such things. Facing the questions that have a spatial sense, people do not answer with maps or coordinates, but use some references whose spatial location is "well(More)