Juan Izquierdo

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Fluxes of phosphate across the sediment–water interface have been measured using inhibitors of bacterial activity sterilization and chloramphenicol and a control in order to quantify the influence of bacterial abundance on them. Results show that phosphate concentration in the interstitial water decreased when bacteria were present, in relation to treated(More)
Presently, in the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals the classification of substances for long-term effects to aquatic life is based on acute toxicity in combination with degradation and/or bioaccumulation potential. Recently an OECD Working Group was created to develop the classification scheme to accommodate chronic(More)
In this paper a coarse-grain dynamically reconfigurable coprocessor for image processing is presented. This coprocessor is the main component of a System on a Programmable Chip (SoPC). The coprocessor can accelerate a wide range of image processing tasks and can be configured in a few clock cycles. The coprocessor performance and reconfiguration(More)
Genotype × environment interaction (GEI) affects marketable fruit yield and average fruit weight of both hybrid and open-pollinated (OP) tomato genotypes. Cultivars vary significantly for marketable fruit yield, with hybrid cultivars having, on average, higher yield than OP cultivars. However, information is scanty on environmental factors affecting the(More)