Juan Ignacio Mulero Martínez

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1. Guzman MG, Kouri G. Dengue: an update. Lancet Infect Dis. 2002;2:33–42. 2. Fisher D. To the vector borne....mosquitotransmitted diseases in Singapore. Singapore Med J. 2005;46:596. 3. Wilder-Smith A, Earnest A, Paton NI. Use of simple laboratory features to distinguish the early stage of severe acute respiratory syndrome from dengue fever. Clin Infect(More)
Although until April 2012, all Spanish citizens regardless of their origin, residence status and work situation were entitled to health care, available evidence suggested inadequate access for immigrants. Following the Aday and Andersen model, we conducted an analysis of policy elements that affect immigrants' access to health care in Spain, based on(More)
In this paper, a dynamic neurocontroller for positioning of robots based on static and parametric neural networks (NNs) has been developed. This controller is based on Christoffel symbols of first kind in order to carry out coriolis/centripetal matrix. Structural properties of robots and Kronecker product has been taken into account to develop NNs to(More)
A new Gaussian radial basis function static neurocontroller is presented for stable adaptive tracking control. This is a two-stage controller acting in a supervisory fashion by means of a switch logic and allowing arbitration between a neural network (NN) and a robust proportional-derivative controller. The structure is intended to reduce the effects of the(More)
The paper analyzes the boundedness of the coefficients involved in Gaussian expansion series. These series arise from the reconstruction of bandlimited functions, applying the sampling theorem with Gaussians as reconstruction filters. The boundedness of the ideal coefficients is a previous requirement that should be imposed to the approximation function.(More)
The dynamic modelling plays an important role in the design of controllers for robot manipulators. The presence of uncertainties such as those from unknown parameters make the structured network modelling a powerful tool. In this sense, static neural networks based on the Kronecker product are introduced and some interesting properties connected to the(More)