Juan Ignacio Latorre

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Many technological, industrial or economical systems are described by discrete event system (DES) models. The decision making processes that arise in the design and operation of this kind of systems can be afforded by means of algorithmic methodologies. A large range of approaches based on the simulation of the behavior of the system have been reported to(More)
The design of technological systems that can be modelled as discrete event systems (DES) constitute a difficult problem with important implications in the performance of the operation of the systems during their complete lifetime. The independent simulation of the behaviour of selected alternative structures for the system to be designed constitutes a(More)
Some classic and complex problems in Operations Research consist of simplified versions of real logistic and supply chain management applications. One common and successful, but approximated approach for coping with these problems considers the system of interest isolated from its environment. In such a case, the links to the real world may be reduced to a(More)