Juan Ignacio González-Montalvo

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Our purpose was to investigate the factors after predictive outcome 3 months after the injury in terms of mortality and effective independent walking of nonagenarians with hip fracture. A prospective study was carried out for 2 yr in the orthopaedic wards on patients referred to geriatricians. The data were subjected to logistic regression forward stepwise(More)
Most of the present screening tests for the detection of dementia fail with mild dementia. Jorm et al. recently presented the Informant Questionnaire on Cognitive Decline in the Elderly (IQCODE), a simple instrument with good diagnostic validity that uses a close relative to obtain information on the cognitive decline of a patient. We used a Spanish(More)
AIM To investigate which factors predict outcome of elderly patients on discharge and at 6 months. METHODS A prospective study in an acute geriatric ward. Within 48 h of admission, patients were assessed for social factors, geriatric problems, admission diagnoses, medication, function and mental ability. Outcome measures were mortality, length of stay,(More)
The Word Accentuation Test assesses the accentuation of 30 infrequent Spanish words written without the accentuation mark and is an easy-to-use tool for estimating premorbid intelligence of Spanish-speaking people. Its intraobserver (0.97) and interobserver (0.93) reliabilities and its correlation with the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (.837) and(More)
In this study 509 hip fracture patients were followed-up during 24 months measuring their recuperation in activities of daily living. The different activities measured had both different profile and probability of recovery. Recovery of pre-fracture functional level is a goal of hip fracture treatment. The objective of this study was to measure recovery of(More)
We performed a prospective, quasi-experimental, randomised, interventional study comparing two models of care for patients admitted with osteoporotic hip fractures between February and August 2007 in a tertiary university hospital. The usual model of care was treatment of patients admitted to the orthopaedics ward, with consultation by the geriatrician (CG(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine medication consumption in the older people from a central area of Oporto; determine the prevalence of prescription of Potentially Inappropriate Medication and to analyse the polypharmacy and other important connected factors. DESIGN, SETTING AND PATIENTS Cross-sectional study with a sample of 747 patients older than 64 years, who(More)
AIM Current international criteria provide standardized procedures to diagnose sarcopenia in older people. However, to date few data exist on patients with acute disease. The present study was carried out to determine the frequency of sarcopenia in acute hip fracture patients, and its association with their baseline characteristics and prognosis during(More)
Hip fractures (HF) are prevalent and involve high morbidity and mortality so improving their management is important. HF registries are a good way to improve knowledge about this condition and its quality of care, while at the same time reducing clinical variability, optimizing efficiency, improving outcomes, and reducing costs. Hip fractures (HF) are a(More)