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The use of an inverter with an output LC filter allows for generation of output sinusoidal voltages with low harmonic distortion, suitable for uninterruptible power supply systems. However, the controller design becomes more difficult. This paper presents a new and simple control scheme using predictive control for a two-level converter. The controller uses(More)
This paper addresses the problem of optimal control of constrained linear systems when fast sampling rates are utilised. We show that there exists a well defined limit as the sampling rate increases. An immediate consequence of this result is the existence of a finite sampling period such that the achieved performance is arbitrarily close to the limiting(More)
In this paper we obtain the maximum likelihood estimate of the parameters of discrete-time linear models by using a dual time–frequency domain approach. We propose a formulation that considers a (reduced-rank) linear transformation of the available data. Such a transformation may correspond to different options: selection of time-domain data, transformation(More)