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Every day we use location-dependant services, but there is still a lack of information in terms of a popular indoor location system. In this paper we show methods and some advantages of using already installed infraestructure such as WiFi Access Points to get navigation information. For these purpose an indoor navigation system was implemented using both(More)
The aim of this work is to present a navigation system for GPS denied environments. The system fuses measurements provided by an arrangement of ultrasonic range sensors with inertial measurements and a magnetometer. The core of the navigation computer are two microprocessors, an ARM Cortex M3 processor for low-level tasks, such as sensor acquisition and(More)
Integrated navigation systems are viewed in the context of state observability and reconstructibility. Practical empirical measures of observability and reconstructibility are proposed based on orthogonal subspace decomposition of the state space. For a given instrumental configuration a deterministic observability measure allows to qualify the persistence(More)
Recently, it was shown that an hexagon shaped hexarotor vehicle with tilted rotors, is capable of fault tolerant attitude and altitude control. In this work, we propose a strategy to select the signals commanded to each rotor in order to achieve a desired torque and vertical force. The proposed strategy is optimal in the sense that minimizes the maximum(More)
In this work, a low-cost attitude navigation system for spacecrafts is presented. The system fuses measurements from a three axis MEMS gyroscope and a CCD camera that identifies a known pattern of points (which emulate the stars). The system has been implemented on an ARM Cortex-A8 processor, running a GNU/Linux operating system. The developed attitude(More)
  • Javier E. Luiso, Juan I. Giribet
  • 2017 XVII Workshop on Information Processing and…
  • 2017
We present the development of an optical flow sensor, designed as a device which can be used by a software application throught a control and data access interface. The device uses a CCD image sensor and the Intel Edison platform where sensor images are processed and optical flow computation is performed. We wil describe the development of the software that(More)
A proof is presented of how a hexagon-shaped hexacopter can be designed to keep the ability to reject disturbance torques in all directions while counteracting the effect of a failure in any of its motors. The method proposed is simpler than previous solutions, because it does not require change of the motor rotation direction or in-flight mechanical(More)
Unmanned networked multirobot systems have the potential to accomplish complex field tasks with minimum human intervention. Motion coordination of vehicles that operate in different domains (land, sea, air) is one of the problems that need to be addressed to achieve such a goal. This article presents a representation method based on dual quaternions for(More)
Recently, it was shown that an hexagon-shaped hexa-rotor micro aerial vehicle with unidirectionally spinning tilted rotors is capable of fault tolerant attitude and altitude control. This result has been theoretically proven and validated by simulations. However, experimental results have never been reported yet. In this work experimental results are(More)
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