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Animal transcriptomes are dynamic, with each cell type, tissue and organ system expressing an ensemble of transcript isoforms that give rise to substantial diversity. Here we have identified new genes, transcripts and proteins using poly(A)+ RNA sequencing from Drosophila melanogaster in cultured cell lines, dissected organ systems and under environmental(More)
Anatomy teaching is undergoing significant changes due to time constraints, limited availability of cadavers and technological developments in the areas of three-dimensional modelling and computer-assisted learning. This paper gives an overview of methods used to teach anatomy to undergraduate medical students and discusses the educational advantages and(More)
This paper presents a novel spatial instruction system for improving spatial abilities of engineering students. A 3D mobile game application called Virtual Blocks has been designed to provide a 3D virtual environment to build models with cubes that help students to perform visualization tasks to promote the development of their spatial ability during a(More)
The brain monoaminergic neurotransmitter systems are known to be involved in the integrated response to stress in vertebrates. However, present knowledge about the timing of their actions as well as their specific roles in the regulation of the endocrine axes that drive the stress response is incomplete. This is partly because of the complexity of the(More)
Learning and memory are two important cognitive processes for the adaptation and survival of organisms. Both behaviors are processed in the central nervous system and their regulation requires the participation of several brain structures. One of these structures is the hippocampus, which is associated in part with declarative memory. Interestingly, the(More)
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