Juan Gutierrez

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It has been argued that the aim of non-linearities in different visual and auditory mechanisms may be to remove the relations between the coefficients of the signal after global linear ICA-like stages. Specifically, in Schwartz and Simoncelli (2001), it was shown that masking effects are reproduced by fitting the parameters of a particular non-linearity in(More)
This work is focused on the modeling and development of a CBIR (Content-based image retrieval) system applied to the recovery of digital medical images of a human body, denominated M-CBIR. This model is composed on two methodologies: features extraction techniques and metric data structures. When this set of techniques is applied to the search of different(More)
In the study of voltammetric electronic tongues, a key point is the preproces-sing of the departure information, the voltammograms which form the response of the sensor array, prior to classification or modeling with advanced chemometric tools. This work demonstrates the use of the discrete wavelet transform (DWT) for compacting these voltammograms prior to(More)
We describe a novel method for malicious code obfuscation that uses code already present in systems: a pseudo-random number generator. This can also be seen as an anti-disassembly and anti-debugging technique, depending on deployment , because the actual code does not exist until run – it is generated dynamically by the pseudo-random number generator. A(More)
1 It is provided a method for color image compression based on the following key steps: (1) expressing the coefficients of local space-frequency representation of achromatic and chromatic opponent channels in perceptually meaningful contrast units, (2) applying divisive normalization non-linearities including relations among the coefficients of the(More)
—Introductory courses in CS, especially those aimed at introductory programming concepts or fundamental concepts in CS, represent the core courses which give the student specific insight into what the body of knowledge of Computer Science entails. Due to this great importance the curriculum planning of these courses should be undertaken with special care.(More)
The paper deals with recognition of artificial landmarks using fish-eye lens. The proposed recognition model is based on algebraic affine moment invariants (AMIs). Landmarks are used for the navigation of an autonomous robot, equipped with a fish-eye lens camera. The recognition ability of the AMIs regarding the deformation introduced by the fish-eye lens(More)
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